When nothing else matters.


At twenty-nine Sean Hennessy knows he’s never going to be a concert cellist and will be teaching music for the rest of his miserable career. His wife, Kate has fallen out of love and wants a ‘break’. So when a teenage girl wants to help him with ‘life’, what’s the worst that can happen? What could possibly go wrong?


Kirsten Mackenzie (17)

Kirsten is a tall, slim, intelligent senior schoolgirl. She’s about to graduate from an exclusive Vancouver private school where she majors in music, with the cello as her specialist instrument. Kirsten is confident, self-reliant, drives a new white Audi A3 Cabriolet and is an accomplished sailor from crewing with her brother on her father’s yacht.


She’s infatuated with her music teacher Sean Hennessy, who she adores, and believes he could be a world-famous concert cellist if only his wife Kate would support him). Kirsten knows that his marriage is flaky and wants to fill the void in his life and make things better again. She knows that meeting him out of school is wrong as firstly he’s her teacher and secondly a married man, but she can’t help herself for she is totally in love with him. She’s planned their rendezvous in the minutest detail (without informing him) from the restaurant through to the hotel room. She knows precisely what she is doing.

Sean Hennessy (29)

Sean reluctantly took up teaching after an orchestral career playing cello in several major symphony orchestras.

When he met his wife Kate, she persuaded him to give up playing and take-up teaching, as the itinerant life of an orchestral player wasn’t compatible with Kate’s view of marriage. Since becoming a teacher his marriage has drifted into decline.


Kirsten is one of his brightest, and most talented, pupils. He’s played her recordings of Jacqueline Dupre and inspired her to become an accomplished player. However the intense tuition meant many sessions alone in close physical proximity and a strong sense of shared purpose. He knows that Kirsten has a ‘crush’ on him but no idea how strong it is. After a disastrous series of arguments with Kate, who has left him for a ‘break’ from their marriage, Kirsten has invited him out to an innocent pre-graduation dinner. He has no idea what he has let himself in for.


Richard Burke


Writer & Director


Having made his Directorial debut on short-film ‘Star-Crossed’, Richard now moves to his second short – ‘Crush’ slated for production in 2018. He will follow this with ‘In Sight’, a Canadian psychological-thriller slated for production in 2019.Following a successful business career, Richard co-founded Page Break Productions Ltd in the U.K.  He’s Writer-Director of ‘Star-Crossed’ and Screenwriter on BAFTA-nominated ‘Whistle My Lad’, ‘Stealing Tomorrow’ and ‘Brandenburg’. He also worked as Executive Producer on Hassan Nazar’s feature film ‘Utopia’, Shaun Hughes’ 'Carino' and ‘Whistle My Lad'.

Ally Barry


Supervising Producer


Years of experience working in both commercial and animation production, Allison Barry knows what it means to be on-time and on budget. She worked on the Emmy Nominated PBS children’s series ‘Plum Landing’, the TIFF 2013 short film ‘Impromptu’ and the US Bank of America’s ‘Better Money Habits’. Before joining ‘Crush’, she spearheaded the highly successful Toyota '#OwnerApproved' Live Action campaign.

Michael Silva




A Scottish filmmaker who has been active within the film industry for several years, applying a broad set of skills in a number of key positions. Relocated to British Columbia, Canada in 2013 to further his knowledge of the film industry and has been working steadily within the independent scene, including Producing and Directing his own short films.

Brodie Marno


Producer/ Co-Writer



Brodie Marno produced the BAFTA-nominated short film ‘Whistle My Lad’. He has supported projects as an Executive Producer (‘Utopia’), a co-Producer (the Light Parades’ ‘Adolescence’), a writer (‘Stealing Tomorrow’, ‘Off the Grid’ & ‘Crush’) and a Production Assistant (BAFTA winning ‘No More Shall We Part’).  In addition to his work with Page Break, Brodie continues to produce corporate and educational films around Eruope.